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"Please allow myself, to introduce myself to you, at this time, at this current location, at this particular session."

Vincent performing a shaving simulation on a droid

General Information[]

Vincenzo Z. Squingilly is one of Professor Tinglebottom's many assistants that aid him in acquiring and distributing tingles. Of course, if you take out a loan of tingles, but don't pay your dues, you should expect to see Vincent at your doorstep. He is portrayed as an Italian-American gangster and is very loyal to Prof. Tinglebottom. He is also usually seen with a replica airsoft M1911 pistol that he calls "The Tingler," which he uses to pressure people into giving him what he requires.

Vincent and his pistol, The Tingler


He is usually seen wearing a white button-up collared shirt, with an accompanying slim, black tie, and earbuds. He can also be recognized by his extremely animated hand gestures.


Professor Rupert J. Tinglebottom[]

Vincent's employer. He is very loyal to the professor and collects unpaid loans for him.

O.G. Tingles[]

According to O.G. Tingles, he and Vincent have "some beef going on" as of O.G. Tingles Back In The Tingles Game. This was never fully expanded on, however, as this was the last appearance of O.G.

Grandma Squingilly[]

Vincent's grandmother. It is implied that she is rather strict with him.

Prominent Videos[]


  • Although he specializes in dealing with people who don't meet tingle quotas and people who don't pay their dues, Vincent does actually help patients when the Professor and Dr. T are busy.
  • He drives a white Dodge Charger.
  • His signature introduction phrase, "Allow myself, to introduce myself", is a reference to a line from Austin Powers.
  • Vincent is a self-proclaimed "Master Origami-ist", and has a secret paper airplane technique that's been passed down many generations.
  • Similar to Dr. T, Vincent also enjoys wax carving.
  • Vincent is known to also be a hairstylist and a barber for both droids and humans.
    Vincent face reveal.png
  • According to the Real Dr. T, Vincent has never shown his face on camera. However, we get a quick view in "Gonna Get right Up In Your ASMR"
  • His family has passed an exemplary pasta sauce recipe down from generation to generation.