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"He thought he could fool the Illuminati... and he was wrong."

General Information[]

TirarADeguello is an Illuminati conspiracy theorist who conspires against Tinglebottom Industries. In 2016, he infiltrated Tinglebottom Industry's security video feed as a two-part collab between him and Dr. T.

Tinglebottom Industries Infiltration[]

On November 22, 2016, he infiltrated Tinglebottom Industries by tapping into the security camera footage and was able to take pictures of drones and machinery in the facility. One of his minions was also able to steal a Blackberry from the facility, but they were not able to unlock it. Meanwhile, Professor Tinglebottom flew drones around TIrarA's building in hopes of finding out who he was.

Timeline Theory[]

In his part of the collab, TirarA can be heard saying that it was "just a few short years ago now... that we broke the sound barrier", implying that the universe that he is in is set in the 1950s. It would have to be at least 1957 since he also mentions the Sputnik satellite. Other timeline anomalies include one of his followers seizing a Blackberry cellphone from Tinglebottom Industries, and TirarA using his vintage camera and calling it "advanced".

There are two possibilities surrounding the time period of the universe:

  1. Professor Tinglebottom invented time travel technology, and used it to travel back to the '50s. However, TirarA mentioned several times that Tinglebottom Industries had been there for a while, implying that if this theory were true, then Professor Tinglebottom would had to have stayed in the past for quite a while.
  2. TirarADeguello inadvertently and unknowingly time traveled himself and his entire facility to the present-- he might have stayed unaware of his time jump due to him staying hidden in his facility for long periods of time. This is the most likely scenario since the Professor doesn't mention time travel, and still very much has modern-day technology.

It is unknown rather or not this timeline is canon, but it's definitely clear that this collab was canon, as Professor T. mentions "that Illuminati theorist" and "Doctor Andrew Michaels" in multiple future videos.

In Real Life[]

TirarADeguello's real name is Michael While, he is married and has a daughter and two sons. He has left comments on many of Dr. T's videos. His YouTube channel can be found here.


  • TirarADeguello is a frequent viewer of Dr. T's videos. He can be seen leaving comments on many of his videos, most of which Dr. T hearts.