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General Info[]

Randy Reiki performing his Tingle Mist treatment

A calming liquid that causes the user to experience a lot of tingles upon contact with the skin or robotic parts and can even be ingested in some forms. There are many forms of this liquid, including green, red/pink, blue, and brown variants, as well as a Tingle Powder, Tingle Slime and Tingle Mist used by Randy Reiki. Tingle Serum produces different effects based on it's colour, such as blue focusing only on relaxation, and red/pink producing only an anti-stress effect, as stated in 'New Tingly ASMR Formulas Released!'. Along with the many colours the serum comes in, there are also many different bottles that are used to contain it such as spray bottles, eye droppers, mist machines and normal glass bottles.

Tingle Serum's blue and red/pink variants.

Production of Tingle Slime

Preparation of Tingle Powder


Tingle Serum is manufactured primarily by hand, although there are some elements of the process which are performed by machines. Perhaps the most well known step of the tingle serum manufacture process is the procurement of the tingles. These must be "extracted" from individuals, an operation usually performed by a Tinglebottom Industries staff member and most often from either employees/Tingle droids, or debtors to Tinglebottom Industries. The tingles are "extracted" by performing ASMR on a subject, causing tingles to radiate from their body and be received and processed by computer equipment. Presumably, this process eventually ends with the infusion of the tingles into Tingle Serum Base Stage 2 (to be discussed later).

Tingle Serum Base Stage 1 is a gray-white crystalline substance akin to salt. The exact makeup is a proprietary secret, but due to the necessity of Tingularium (a mineable element) in the production of Tingle Serum, it can be presumed Base Stage 1 features Tingularium as an active ingredient. The Base Stage 1 is then finely granulated, placed into a fibrous container (a teabag), and soaked into a vial of Tingle Serum Base Stage 2, which is a clear liquid. After this soaking, the serum is placed into darkened vials and set into storage, where it ages into mature Tingle Serum after a few months (during this time it gains its green hue).