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Tingle Droids are the source of tingles for Tinglebottom Industries. Droids view ASMR videos, generally made by Dr. T, droids tingle due to ASMR, Tinglebottom Industries somehow extracts tingles from droids, makes tingle serum, then later heightens tinglulation by using tingle serum.

In real life[]

Tingle Droids are what Dr. T calls his loyal fanbase and subscribers. The general makeup of his fanbase is mostly "13 year olds" who meme and shitpost in his comments and live feed on his livestreams. His top patrons he gives titles, like making them managers of different departments in The Most Amazing ASMR Collection.

Dr. Namyzarc[]

Just like with anything Tinglebottom Industries makes, the mad doctor also has his bootleg versions. Tingle Bots, as he calls them, are the loyal army of tingulation bots that serve under Namyzarc. They are tasked with infiltrating Tinglebottom Industries and, with modifications Dr. Namyzarc makes on them, sabotages and souts out Tinglebottom Industries.


  • According to a line Dr. T once said, some tingle droids were made before 2012, making a 'flashback' (as he said) to "General Schwarzkopf".