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General Information[]

The Tour Guide is a certified tourist guide, holding the title of "one of the foremost tourist guides in the area". He has stated plenty of times that his route is the safest, and that he took a course at his community college for tour guiding. He has provided several people with map directions and 3D shape diagrams. Customers include a college student, the viewer, and OG Tingles. He took a course at a community college to get his education.


He has only made three appearances, making him the second-least represented character in Dr. T. history, right behind The Accountant and The Announcer, both of which only ever appear in one video. In all of his appearances, he is armed with multiple Sharpies, usually colored black, red, and one time, green.


  • His last video was on June 22, 2016, making him the character who has gone the longest without an appearance.
  • His professionalism is typically called into question often due to the craziness of his directions.
  • His character was originally a reimagining of Bob Ross, but the name never came up again after the first video, so it's implied that that's not his name anymore.
  • He is possibly best known as a "certified professional 3D shapes drawing talent".

Current Videos[]