Dr.T ASMR Wiki

General Info[]

Dr. T ASMR is the man behind the channel of the same name. He also roleplays as all the other characters that have speaking roles.

Current Knowledge[]

He's about 45 and said in his 300k livestream that his first name is "Jay"; he is from Lowell, Massachusetts.

He has said that he works in the construction business and enjoys playing video games in his spare time and runs a separate gaming channel.

He used to be a machinist, and he uses machines to produce precision cut metal props for his videos.

During one of his videos, Dr. T mentions how Professor Tinglebottom was trying to gain control of the channel from him. That being said, it seems that Dr. T and the characters can interact, somewhat.


  • The first word spoken on the channel was "hello", and came from Dr. T himself in ASMR Droid Repair-- the first roleplay video Dr. T ever made.

Prominent Videos[]