Dr.T ASMR Wiki

General Info[]

Dr. T is the man behind the channel of the same name. He also roleplays as all the other characters that have speaking roles. He only appears as himself in videos that hardly if not at all take place in the Dr. T universe. He also appears as himself in all channel livestreams as well as the DOCS Gaming, Vlogs & More channel. The fictional Dr. T can be found here.

Current Knowledge[]

Dr. T is about 45 and said in his 300k livestream that his first name is "Jay”; he is from Lowell, Massachusetts.

He is a gearhead as he is passionate about his car (Dodge Charger R/T) and has been seen wearing shirts with automotive memorabilia on them in multiple videos. He has said that he has worked in construction and enjoys playing video games in his spare time and runs a separate gaming channel. Prior to creating the channel, he worked as a paver, paving driveways as his primary job.

During one of his videos, Dr. T mentions how Professor Tinglebottom was trying to gain control of the channel from him— implying that Dr. T and the characters can interact.


  • The first word spoken on the channel was "hello", and came from Dr. T himself in ASMR Droid Repair— the first roleplay video Dr. T ever made.

Prominent Videos[]