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General Information[]

Ted Nickel is an employee of Tinglebottom Industries whose main purpose is to act as a visual aid during cranial procedures. It is note worthy to say that Ted has no body, as he most likely doesn't need one.


On March 11th 2017, in the video "Cosmic Scalp Massage High Tech ASMR", Professor Tinglebottom unveiled Ted Nickel's original design. He prompted the viewers with a contest of who could come up with the name for the newest member of staff in the comments.

7 days later, in the video "ASMR Technology Breakthrough", he presented Ted Nickel's new and current design. As well as revealing his name as 'Ted Nickel', Professor Tinglebottom also shows us his serial model number, 'H34D', a pun on the fact that Ted Nickel is merely a head.


  • Ted Nickel's name is a pun on the word "Technical"
  • The commenter who first suggests the name Ted Nickel is called ApexBovine.