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"Ah yes, Velcome, Velcome."


Rupert J. Tinglebottom is the founder of Tinglebottom Industries— the world's leading producer of Tingle Serum. He has many employees that work for him, such as Vincent Squingilly, Agent Tinglesmith, and O.G. Tingles as well as an entire army of Tingle Droids. He can often be seen making Tingle Serum as well as maintenance repairs and upgrades on the facility's droids among other smaller but equally important tasks.

Work at Tinglebottom Industries[]

Most of what Professor Tinglebottom does while working revolves around keeping the company afloat, making tingle serum, and researching new ways to procure tingles.

Annual Operations[]

Once a year, Professor Tinglebottom would mention the start of operation 20XX (19, 20, 21). The goals of these operations are never explicitly known, but it can be speculated that they are meant to be movements to grow or overhaul the channel in a sort of way.

Most prevalent would be Operation 2019— the most heavily-planned and hyped operation to date. The first instance of Operation 2019 can be seen here.


  • The Professor often wears scrubs as well as a headlamp and a stethoscope which Dr. T has stated to be broken
  • He has a slight German accent, as he pronounces most of his W's as V's.