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Randy Reiki is a Reiki Master born in the Tibetan hills who learned the art of Reiki from the monks back in his hometown. His favorite childhood pastime was to watch the monks perform their cosmic Reiki healing rituals. As he got older, he travelled around the country and learned the ways of Reiki and achieved the title of Reiki Master. One day while he was practicing Reiki, He met with Professor Tinglebottom who offered him a job at Tinglebottom Industries. He gladly accepted and left his home to leave for America where he has been working for Tinglebottom Industries creating Tingle Serum ever since.


  • Dr. T has referred to Randy as being "spaced out" and always talking about cosmic energy.
  • Randy uses a variety of different and unique ways of delivering ASMR such as his handmade hourglass made from the sand of beaches from around the world, his Reiki beads, and a tingle mist machine.
  • Randy can be seen wearing what looks like a tie-dye t-shirt on his head.
  • Randy has stated that he legally changed his last name to Reiki.

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