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Overtingulation is the term used when an individual consumes, or indulges, an excessive amount of ASMR tingles or Tingle Serum. Overtingulation can result in falling asleep or "zoning out". It is referenced and mentioned in many of Dr. T's videos dating back to around the beginning of the channel.

Area of concern[]

OG stopping a customer from overtingulating in a back alley while selling his product.

OG Tingles, in many videos in which he appears, often warns the viewer (or customer) of overtingulation and not to reach that point when sampling his products. Overtingulation is not to current knowledge a dangerous state to be in, but more so is a hard thing to snap out of/wake up from. Since the unlicensed reproduction and distribution of tingles and Tingle Serum is illegal in the Dr. T universe, OG takes every precaution necessary to insure that he is not caught in his line of work. If a customer were to fall asleep from overtingulation and OG weren't able to wake them up, it would jeopardize his operation leaving a sleeping person in an alleyway. So far, there has only been one case of OG inadvertently overtingulating someone while dealing his product— while working at the QuickShop Mart on parole.

Overtingulation is not entirely a bad thing, as stated by Professor Tinglebottom. In a controlled environment, brought on by a professional, overtingulation can be "a good thing". It is speculated that overtingulation is the Dr. T universe-equivalent of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, wherein Professor Tinglebottom similarly uses Tingle Serum to relax or sedate his patients before surgery.


  • The first instance of Overtingulation can be found in ASMR Soft Spoken Tingles Dealer ☠ OG Tingles, OG Tingles' first appearance, wherein he advises the viewer not to "overdo it" on account of his pure product.
  • Overtingulation was evidentially originally called "Tingle-gasm"[1] which was quickly renamed to "Overtingle-ation"[1][2]— Which in and of itself gradually turned into "Overtingulation" as it is known today.