Dr.T ASMR Wiki

General Information[]

Operation 2019 was an operation started by Professor Tinglebottom in an attempt for Tinglebottom Industries to monitor, authorize, and control all ASMR created on the internet. It was first mentioned in the video 'The ASMR Blueprint For Z Future [Operation 2019]'.


On March 27th 2019, Professor Tinglebottom announced the commencement of Operation 2019 in the video 'All ASMR Creators Must Register'. The Professor decided that the flow of all ASMR created on the internet is lacking stability, and should be registered by Tinglebottom Industries. This would be done by sending devices to every ASMRtist's house or facility in order to see whether they would register or not.

If an ASMR channel would refuse to be registered, the device would emit large vaporized quantities of extremely potent Tingle Serum, which would cause them 'reconsider' their decision. Also, each member of the Tingle Droid Army would be given a vial of super concentrated Tingle Serum, which was to be used in 'emergencies', and in case 'they experienced any resistance'.


The outcome of Operation 2019 is fairly unknown, though it is implied that it resulted in resistance from many ASMR Channels, so-much-so that it lead to the operation's failure. One thing that did come of Operation 2019 however, is the furthered conflict between Professor Tinglebottom and Dr. T.

Conflict with Dr. T[]

In the past, it is clear that the two have had some issues, especially with the constant question of ownership of Tinglebottom Industries. With the creation of Operation 2019, Dr. T was one of the people who spoke out against it the most, criticizing the Professor and calling him clinically insane. In the video "ASMR Game Of Thrones Explained", Dr. T does a presentation of the hierarchy of Tinglebottom Industries, with him claiming to be on the top. He also calls the Tingle Droids into action, asking them to vote on a poll card in the video on who the real owner of Tinglebottom Industries is, Dr. T, or Professor Tinglebottom. Since YouTube deleted poll cards from videos, there is now no accurate data on the exact percentage of votes, however before it was gone a majority of the votes were going to Dr. T.