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General Information[]

Dr. T is a co-founder and the owner as well as an engineer and robotics nurse at Tinglebottom Industries. He does many operations as well as maintain the condition of the Tingle Droids. He has a robot assistant named "Alpha 2" who usually helps him during procedures and checkups.

Dr. T is by default, the oldest character in the Dr. T universe considering the name of the channel has been named after him since day one. On top of that, he was the first character to have been given a name in ASMR Plastic Surgery for Droids - The Consultation. Dr. T and Professor Tinglebottom have, several times, and continue to argue about who the owner and originator of the channel and by extension, the owner and founder of Tinglebottom Industries. Both of them say things that contradict each other, but the community seems to agree unanimously that Dr. T is the owner of the channel— him being the namesake of the channel being the giveaway.


Dr. T is commonly seen in blue scrubs or a button-up collar shirt, as well as a pair of latex gloves. When doing fieldwork, he can be seen wearing a reflective yellow vest.

One of the Doctor's paintings. "Manta Ray"


  • The "T" in "Dr. T" stands for "Tingles", which was in the original name of the channel, Dr. Tingles ASMR, prior to being abbreviated to Dr. T ASMR.
  • He has several different hobbies such as painting, watch collecting, knife collecting, and soap, wood and wax carving.
  • He was confirmed as the originator and owner of Tinglebottom Industries in The Most Amazing ASMR Collection.

    The Doctor examining one of his watches