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General Info

Dr. T is the founder and a surgeon/mechanic at Tinglebottom Industries. He does many operations as well as maintain the condition of the tingle droids. He has a robot assistant named "Alpha 2" who usually helps him during procedures and checkups.


Dr. T is commonly seen in blue scrubs or a button-up collar shirt, as well as a pair of latex gloves. When doing fieldwork, he can be seen wearing a reflective yellow vest.

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One of the Doctor's paintings. "Manta Ray"


  • Dr. T is also the name of the channel that he is apart of.
  • He has several different hobbies such as painting, watch collecting, knife collecting, and soap, wood and wax carving.
  • He was confirmed as the originator of Tinglebottom Industries in The Most Amazing ASMR Collection.
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    The Doctor examining one of his watches
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