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Dr. Namyzarc with Dr. Stanley as his hostage

On June 16 2020, Dr. Namyzarc announced that he abducted Dr. Stanley while he was in the park. While in the possession of Namyzarc, Dr. Stanley was tortured with various methods including being drenched in anti-ASMRTingle Serum, force-feeding him cat food, and covering him in whipped cream.

Vincent Squingilly mapping out the infiltration plans

On June 18, Prof. Tingebottom announced the existence of a plan to rescue Dr. Stanley, and on June 30, Vincent Squingilly mapped out the plan to the Tingle Droid army. The plan consisted of almost every Tinglebottom Industries personnel to attack or distract Dr. Namyzarc's secret compound in three teams: Alpha team, Bravo team, and Charlie team. The teams consisted of the following personnel:

Charlie team's Covert Duck was Dr. Stanley's cousin. He infiltrated the compound via air and gathered all the needed intel for the assault.

On July 27, the assault was carried out. At the beginning of the assault, Vincent Squingilly crashed through the front gates of the compound in a Dodge Charger going 72.3 miles per hour (116.3 kilometers per hour). After receiving the intel from Stanley's cousin, Prof. Tinglebottom, along with over 400,000 Tingledroids made their way into the compound to rescue Dr. Stanley. All of this happened off-screen, of course. But it was implied that it happened in Drawn Explanation Of Duck Rescue By Vinny ASMR.

Dr. Stanley was found in a lockbox a complex locking mechanism that took around 19 minutes to pick using a selection of various high-tech tools. Upon freeing Dr. Stanley from the lockbox, Prof. Tinglebottom demanded Alpha 2 that the box be destroyed. Stanley was cleaned, and given a dose of Tingle Serum to calm him down. Stanley escaped with Prof. Tinglebottom and Vincent Squingilly in the Charger.

Prof. Tinglebottom rescuing Dr. Stanley

On August 14, Dr. Namyzarc was interrogated by Vincent Squingilly to punish Naymzarc by ASMR-ing him.