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"I don't even think he's a real doctor." -Professor Tinglebottom


Dr. Bartholomew Namyzarc is the arch-rival of Tinglebottom Industries and is always trying to prove to people that ASMR is nothing but a fake. He is presumably the founder of Dr. Namyzarc and Associates[1]. He has on many occasions attempted to infiltrate Tinglebottom Industries to steal their Tingle Serum with most of these plans being unsuccessful. He has also kidnapped, questioned, and tortured multiple employees of Tinglebottom Industries (the pig cow and Dr. Stanley). He has tried to make his own Tingle Droid Army, aka. the "Tingle Bot Army," with unknown results. He currently continues to attempt to infiltrate or expose Tinglebottom Industries.

Dr. Namyzarc drives a White 2015 Dodge Charger R/T, lives at 222 Mincraft Drive, is 5'11", and is a 'freak' and 'crazy'[1], all according to the hit written down by Vincent Squingilly. It is unclear whether or not this hit actually had any effect, considering Dr. Namyzarc is still very much alive, and also the fact that when seeing the hit placed upon him, he mistakes it as Prof. Tinglebottom trying to send him a birthday card[2].

In July of 2020, Namyzarc was captured by an army of Tingle Droids and held prisoner in Tinglebottom Industries' complex; and in March of the following year, he escaped. Since then, he's been trying to make ends meet with several odd jobs. First, he resorted to basic human medical examinations.[3] Second, he got a job at the DMV.[4] To this day, Dr. Namzyarc continues to thwart the plans of Tinglebottom Industries and put an end to ASMR once and for all.

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  • Namyzarc is "crazyman" spelled backwards.
  • Like Professor Tinglebotttom, Namyzarc has a robot assistant as well, named "Bravo 3".
  • Dr. Namyzarc's first name, 'Bartholomew'[5], is coincidentally the same name as the purple cow in which he once captured.
  • Dr. Namyzarc claims that he had never cried in his entire life, not even as a child.[6]
  • He says that he is 'head of the International Board of Anti-ASMR'[7].