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General Information[]

Bartholomew the Pig Cow is an employee of Tinglebottom Industries, who is, as his name suggests, a pig cow. He was created in the Tinglebottom Industries Laboratories and was made to sniff out negativity, anxiety, and insomnia. When he locates the areas which are affected by those mentioned, he makes a pig-like mooing noise. He is mainly seen in the series of videos where he was kidnapped from Tinglebottom Industries by Dr. Namyzarc.


On May 9th 2019, Bartholomew is first seen in the video ASMR TOOLS Will Bring You Peace, Relaxation & Tingles. He is introduced to the audience by Prof. Tinglebottom as a creature made in the Tinglebottom Industries Laboratory for helping locate (or sniff out) negativity, anxiety, and insomnia.


- He may look like a cow, yet he makes a pig-like mooing when he speaks. This is why he is referred to as a pig-cow, and it possibly suggests that he is a mix of both animals.

- The Professor notes that he can't sleep without Bartholomew, as he lulls him to sleep at night with his pig-like mooing.