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General Information[]

Bartholomew's Kidnapping is a series of videos which mainly featured the kidnapping of Bartholomew the Pig Cow by Dr. Namyzarc.


Nov 5th 2019[]

Bartholomew is seen to be abducted from Tinglebottom Industries by Dr. Namyzarc and brought into his secret facility for questioning. With the help of Bravo 3, Dr. Namyzarc tortures Bartholomew using cups and other various ASMR techniques in order to make him talk about Tinglebottom Industries new device. After this doesn't crack Bartholomew, Dr. Namyzarc resorts to using truth serum (shaving cream). We see in the next shots that this was too much for Bartholomew, as Dr. Namyzarc has acquired the device he wanted. After the procedure, Bartholomew is kept as a hostage in Dr. Namyzarc's possession.

Vincent explaining what he will do to Dr. Namyzarc once he gets his hands on him.

Nov 8th, 2019[]

Vincent Squingilly records a video directed at Dr. Namyzarc and all Tingle Droids, announcing that Dr. T, Prof. Tinglebottom, Agent Tinglesmith, and OG Tingles are planning a joint mission to save Bartholomew. While Vincent doesn't go into specifics, it is heavily implied that he is going to kill Dr. Namyzarc, or at least cause major harm to him, threatening "Bring back our Purple Cow, or else.".

Nov 13th, 2019[]

The Professor holding Bartholomew after successfully rescuing him.

Prof. Tinglebottom and Alpha II break into Dr. Namyzarc's secret facility, and with the help of ASMR2-D2, rescue Bartholomew. The Professor say that he is withstanding the urge to blow up Dr. Namyzarc's facility with C4 explosives. He also directs a speech towards Dr. Namyzarc, telling him that "Nobody messes with the Tinglebottom Industries".[1]


We can see that Dr. Namyzarc clearly didn't learn his lesson, as after this he also kidnaps Dr. Stanley, which ultimately crossed the line and led him to his imprisonment.