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Basic Info[]

Alpha 2 is an advanced tingle droid that acts as Professor Tinglebottom's right hand droid. She's appeared in countless videos as the unseen co-star almost always in the room with the Professor, and at times, in the room with other characters. She gets the job done, but she's shown aging problems over the years, not being as effective as she used to be.

Professor Tinglebottom has expressed multiple times that Alpha 2 can be, at times, distracted and sometimes even defiant. The professor once said that she can be "quite untechnical at times"[1] and that "she has a little bit of an attitude problem."[1] In ASMR Professor Saves a Life, Prof. Tinglebottom mentions in a quarrel with Alpha 2 that he "never should have installed an attitude module" on her, implying that Droids have modules that allow them to exhibit human traits— like Alpha's bad attitude.


Alpha 2 appears to be a styrofoam bust with paint on her face after Dr. T applied paint during a period of time when Alpha 2 was "malfunctioning." Although never seen on-camera, she does have a body somewhere.  


  • Alpha 2 is one of the least seen characters on Dr. T's channel, as she's been shown in about 2 videos.
  • Alpha 2 has an evil counterpart owned by Dr. Namyzarc called "Bravo 3".