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General Info[]

Agent Tinglesmith is one of the recurring characters in a series of ASMR videos on Dr. T's channel. He is seen as a character from The Matrix. He is there to interrogate employees of Tinglebottom Industries who are suspected of working for other ASMR channels or Dr. Namyzarc.


Agent Tinglesmith usually wears the standard Secret Service outfit, a 2 piece suit with tie, earbuds, and sunglasses. 

Prominent Videos[]


  • According to Agent Tinglesmith himself, he loves his job so much he doesn't even get paid for doing it. Presumably, he refuses pay.
  • Agent Tinglesmith is one of the least represented characters on Dr. T's channel, with only 11-12 videos with him as the main focus.
  • When interrogating a subject, he prefers showing the right side of his face, as he finds it "sexier".
  • Agent Tinglesmith is one of the only characters to break the fourth wall, since he has interrogated the YouTube Algorithm.