Dr.T ASMR Wiki

General Information[]

ASMR2-D2 (previously known as 01) is a high-tech medical droid who worked at Tinglebottom Industries. She doubled as a night light, helping to put the patients in the emergency room to sleep.

Name Change[]

On January 22, 2017, Dr. T uploaded a video wherein towards the beginning, he asked the audience to come up with a name for the droid, and that 01 was just a "serial name".

Twelve days later, Dr. T. announced in a video that he went with the name ASMR2-D2.


On February 3, 2017, Dr. T. announced that he would be auctioning off ASMR2-D2, and that all the proceeds would go to the Humane Society. It was never announced who the winner was, but ASMR2-D2 is seen in later videos[1], so it is unclear what actually happened.

Physical Appearance[]

She has a transparent head showcasing her inner workings, a single green chip with a USB attached to the bottom. She has red eyes and a mouth that bears resemblance to an electrocardiogram. She softly flashes multiple colors with a flick of a switch located on her base. She has flat, black arms, and a TI logo on her back. When she was given her official name, she was labeled accordingly on her side.


  • ASMR2-D2 is an obvious reference to the famous robot from Star Wars, R2-D2.
  • The result of the auction of ASMR2-D2 is unclear and it is unknown whether a bid on it was made or not.